INFINITY SCTS XV (15) - Leap into action 29-11-2020

Join us for what must be one of the most unique opportunists in most of our gaming lives... it only happen once every 28 years... playing in an ITS event on as Saturday 29th of February!

As its such a unique event, we've tried to create an event just as unique.

We'll be playing 4 games of 200 points with 8XP Spec Ops. In the 4th game your spec ops will get a choice of a free skill (either Forward Deployment or Super Jump)

When purchasing tickets, can you include your ITS Name and Number. You will receive an official invite to the event from

• Schedule:

> 10:00-10:30 Registration

> 10:30-12:00 1st Round

> 12:00-12:30 Lunch & Voting for best painted army

> 12:30-14:00 2nd Round

> 14:00-14:15 Comfort Break

> 14:15-15:45 3rd Round

> 15:45-16:00 Comfort Break

> 16:00-17:30 4th Round

> 17:30-18:00 Results & Awards.


200 points 8 XP Spec Ops, N3/HSN3 ITS tournament.


Dual, 200 ITS legal lists will be required and be submitted to the CB Event page prior to the event, reminders will be sent out and added to the fb event and forum page the week before.

Missions: from Season 11.

Round 1 - Counter Measures

Round 2 - released Dec 2019

Round 3 - released Jan 2020

Round 4 - released Feb 2020

Round 1 opponents will be assigned randomly, subsequent rounds will be matched on a Swiss system, taking into account your Tournament Points, Objective Points and finally Victory Points.

Byes: The TO has registered for this event and will be using O12. If there is an uneven number of players on the day, the TO will drop out so that everyone gets to play.


1st - Lvl Up Voucher, Season 11 ITS Winners Pack

2nd - Lvl Up Voucher and item from ITS Pack

3rd - Lvl Up Voucher and item from ITS Pack

4th and below - item from ITS Pack (till they are all gone)

Last Place - Wooden Spoon Bill's Steak House

Best Painted Army: Minimum of 5 CB models from the same faction being played – Voted by the Facebook Infinity Community – Bragging Rights and Raffle Tickets (2).

Sportsmanship Award: Each player will get to cast a single vote and these will be collected at the end of the day and the winner announces (if there is a draw – the dice will decide).

Raffle Tickets (the Lucky part of the Day):

During the day there will be different challenges issued eg Spec Ops to Kill someone in CC and if these are completed you will get a raffle ticket.

Fully painted force get 2 tickets and part painted get 1.

Fully WYSIWYG will also get 2 tickets.


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