BLOOD OF THE PHOENIX Warhammer 40k Starter Set

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    Inside you will find 25 Citadel miniatures that will give you the ability to battle with either two forces of Aeldari, or a single Ynnari army.

    Included in this box set is:

    • 1 Jain Zar miniature armed with the Silent Death and the Blade of Destruction
    • 5 Howling Banshee miniatures
    • 1 Falcon miniature
    • 1 Vyper miniature
    • 1 Drazhar miniature armed with the Executioner's Demiklaives
    • 5 Incubi miniatures
    • 5 Scourge miniatures
    • 5 Hellion miniatures
    • 1 Venom miniature
    • A pair of markers
    • A 40-page Blood of the Phoenix campaign book
    • Additional rules with datasheets for everything in the set
    • A set of missions letting you play through a mini-campaign

    - £112.00

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