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    Can you hear it calling? The whispers in the night... Join us... Join me! That's the voice of Archaon, beckoning you to the Varanspire, you are going to go, aren't you!

    In this high paced skirmish game from Games Workshop you will be pitting together two teams from the Age of Sigmar as although this is a standalone game it is set within the Age of Sigmar universe. Warcry has been made to be fast, action-packed and above all, a complete blood bath! Everyone in the battle is fighting for the chance to be noticed by one of the most powerful warlords in the mortal realms, Archaon as the approval of him is like being royalty in the Age of Sigmar.

    In each of these Warband decks you will receive an abilities card and every fighter card for all the models in the chosen Warband. With the scale of Warcry it makes it possible to build a full 1000-point Warband roster with just a single box of miniatures. For the player eager to play Warcry with forces from another of the Grand Alliances purchasing these cards are an absolute must!

    The Daughters of Khaine live only to serve The Bloody-Handed God, Khaine. Although, to the Daughters of Khaine he is the God of Murder and they show their devotion to him in violent ways worthy of his status as their deity. The Daughters of Khaine live in a harsh society where any sign of weakness, both physical or emotional, is viewed as a fatal flaw. Celebrations dedicated to Khaine involve more killing than most battlefields, Khaines daughters can always be found at the epicentre.


    • Daughters of Khaine Warband Cards

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