About Us

About Us
Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about us.

In our store we play games, have fun and strive to provide the best gaming and hobbying environment in the area, as well as providing the best possible customer service.

All of our team are avid gamers which makes it a great place to come and ‘get your game on’.

We have regular club nights in store and our bunker – a space below our shop with loads of gaming tables which is full of scenery.

We offer a huge range of gaming systems:  Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Titanicus, Kill team, Shadespire,  Bolt Action, The walking dead, Infinity, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, D&D, Role playing games, X-Wing, Malifaux, Flames of War, Blood Red Skies, Board games, and many more.

Along with all the accessories you might expect (and some you won’t).

If we don’t have what you want on our fully stocked shelves it is probably because we ran out of space.

Our regulars can play games, paint and hobby from one until Ten week days, ten till 6 on weekends with extra hours put in for special events like pre-release weekends.

We know they have a great time doing it, because they tell us in store, share that with friends and put their comments on social media

Our philosophy has been carried over to our webstore and if you shop with us, you’ll notice the difference from other companies immediately.

If something is out of stock, we will let you know immediately.

If we have a problem that will slow your order down, we’ll be open and honest about it.

We want all our customers to not only be happy and content with their orders, but we want them to keep coming back again and again – as well as recommend us to all their friends.

So, have a browse and start getting great deals now and if you’re ever in Bournemouth – pop in and say Hi!

You can be assured of a warm welcome.


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