Army Painter Most Wanted Brush Set

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    • SABLE HAIR PROUDLY HANDMADE IN EUROPE - The Army Painter wargamer brushes are manufactured in Europe using the purest sable hairs that hold paint excellently & are valued for their softness, flexibility, fine point and perfect spring when you’re painting
    • TRIANGULATED HANDLES - These miniature painting brushes feature sleek triangular handles for relaxed and perfect grip, so you’ll stay in control of every stroke. This design prevents slips and enhances accuracy with details
    • DOUBLE-CRIMPED STRONG NICKEL FERRULE - Each detailing brush has ferrules made of strong, rust-resistant nickel that prevents corroding and rotting. Its double-wall design provides a solid attachment so its structure stays together even with regular use
    • 3 DETAIL PAINT BRUSHES in 1 PACK - This set of acrylic paint brushes for miniatures includes the 3 most popular wargaming brushes in The Army Painter paint brush line, namely: Insane Detail, Regiment and the 43-degree angled edge Small Drybrush
    • GREAT PRICE, DURABLE - Meticulously designed and crafted from premium quality materials, these miniature brushes are hard to break and don’t lose bristle strands even when you use them constantly

    - £13.00

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