The Army Painter Wargaming Set

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    The Army Painter products are designed to help you paint models and miniatures quickly and to a stunning level with minimum effort. 
    All the Starter Sets have been made with one purpose: to be excellent value for money.  All the sets have their different uses and comprises of quality products packed in a way that you need look no further - everything you need is included and to a price where the individual products would cost a lot more than the compiled sets.  Whether you are a beginner or a core hobbyist - the Starter Sets will be a natural choice.

    ALL YOU NEED IN ONE FREE CASE... all you need to wreak havoc on the battlefield is in the Wargaming Set all in one quality ziplocked case making sure that you never lose your command tools. 
    The Wargaming set is comprised of: The Markerlight laser pointer, The Targetlock laser line, The Rangefinder cm/inch tape measure, 36 dice incl. detachable dice pouch - 6 green and 30 red dice, FREE 24gm super glue (emergency miniature repair), FREE Zip locked carrying case.

    Set contains three wargame accessories and thirty-six dice.  Comes in a carrying case.

    - £22.50

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